Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is it worth our time trying to reason with the emotionally minded people that are religious?

By Philip Sober

I'm an atheist and have been out spoken about it and heard all the nonsense regarding that fact by the religious, such as, I'm a fundie atheist or atheism is my religion, etc... but lately I've questioned my own tactics. What i mean by that is this, as an atheist, I'm also fairly scientific minded, for an uneducated layman that is.

I've come to the rational belief, in the philosophy of bio/environmental determinism. Now with this belief system I've come to the hypothesis that perhaps there are two types of thinkers, ones that are biologically determined by brain matter, logically minded and the emotionally minded. And that while there are some logically minded people that have been brought up in religion (myself included) they generally find there way to a more rational view of life.

Is it worth our time trying to reason with the emotionally minded people that are religious? We find it frustrating beyond belief trying to understand why anyone would believe in such Woo Who Bullshit and in the same way they will never be able to follow the rational, logical road to atheism. Their brains are biologically incapable of working in the mind set of reason and logic to such a degree that is necessary to follow such a path as their emotional part of their brain keeps canceling out that rational path.

I'm not saying they are incapable of all reason, just not to the ability that say "we" are. That being the reason it is that most of the scientific community and higher educated people are atheistic or non-religious. It's not that education causes the lack of belief but that the brain function of these people that leads them to more rationally minded fields, is also the same that leads one to atheism.


  1. I dont belive it is worth anyone's time. People must come to their own conclusions. The time to encourage openmindedness is when we are kids. I think there are "lazy" thinkers. It is easier to believe in god and let him handle our lives than to think about solutions to your own problems.

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