Monday, September 26, 2011

Another manipulative shock film by the banana man, Ray Comfort.  This movie seemingly is to remind us about Hitler.

He poses some really difficult questions to people on the street.  He says, "It's 1945, A German officer is pointing a machine gun at you and telling you to drive a bulldozer forward.  There is a huge pit with people in it, some dead some half alive.  He tells you to bury those people alive.  He is going to shoot you if you don't do it.  Would you do it?"  The answers get intense. There are extremely shocking images of dead people.

THEN AT EXACTLY 13:22 there is a dead baby shown and Ray Comfort says, "How do you feel about abortion?".  Need I say more?  Yes.  This film is a con that compares fucking ABORTION to the Jewish Holocaust. 

Watch it then rise up.

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  1. Yeah. If guys could just keep their fuckers INSIDE their pants like me and wait for Heaven, we'd have a hole 'nother story...